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Best of Old and New

MyVerses was inspired by card based Scripture memorization techniques recommended by The Navigators, Spiritual Success Institute, Jack Van Impe (aka "The Walking Bible"), and others. Ron Hood's wonderful book How to Successfully Memorize & Review Scripture describes an effective system of review that, with his permission, is used as the default review schedule in MyVerses. The review schedule component is customizable, however, and you can configure MyVerses to follow recommendations from other methods or create your own unique system of review.
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MyVerses is distributed as Freeware. We encourage you to download a copy and give it a try.
Interactive Learning

Interactive tools are provided to help you with the initial memorization of each new verse. These include an assortment of methods for revealing or hiding characters and words. You pick the methods that work best for you and make them part of your personal learning program. This interactive approach has been shown to be extremely helpful during the first phase of memory work in which the goal is simply to repeat the entire Scripture passage without glancing at the text.
Tools Form
Repetition Intervals

The Learning Counter (used to track the number of times you have repeated a passage) and Milestone Alerts (which notify you when your personal repetition goals have been reached) are provided to assist you during the second phase of the learning process. During this phase, repetition intervals are used to help firmly impress the Scripture passage into your memory.
Learning Counter and Milestone Alert
Personal Review Schedule

Once a Scripture selection has been committed to memory, your personal review schedule determines how frequently that Scripture is reviewed. MyVerses uses this schedule, along with the current review history for each verse, to determine when each verse is due for its next review. MyVerses attends to these mundane administrative details so you can spend your time learning and reviewing your favorite Scripture verses!
Schedule Form
Review Lists

Verses due for review are displayed in the appropriate Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly review list. A tap on the item's checkbox tells MyVerses that you have completed your review of the item. Completed items are either displayed with a check in their checkbox, or hidden completely, based on the push button selected in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Completed items are automatically "unchecked" the next time they are due for review.
Review List
Passage Display

Tapping on an item in a review list will open that item's record in the View form. This will allow you to view the Scripture's entire passage. Tools for learning and review are accessible from this form.
View Form
Progress Reports

The Statistics form displays the total number of records, the number due for review, a suggested goal for the current day, and the number reviewed on the current day in each category.
Statistics Form
Selection List

An optional, completely customizable, book name selection list may be used when entering the reference for a new verse to memorize. Use of this option can simplify data entry and improve uniformity within the Reference fields.
Book Name Selection List
Preference Selections

The Preferences form allows you to change the appearance and functionality of the MyVerses program to create the custom Scripture memorization process that best suits your personal needs.
Preferences Form
Data Exchange Options

Beaming is supported at both the list and record level making it easy for a mentor or group leader to share Scripture selections with others.

Import and Export are also supported at both the list and record level via memo records. The ability to load and save your Bible verses in plain text format enables data exchange with external systems.
Beam and Export
High Capacity and Availability

MyVerses allows you to store and review up to 32,767 records, more than the total number of verses in the English Bible. Your verses are immediately available to you on your Palm powered device so it is easy to review them during free moments throughout the day. In addition, backlit screens on Palm devices make it easy to work on Scripture memorization even in dim or dark lighting conditions.
See the User's Guide and FAQ page for additional details.

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